Planning for retirement. After much discussion and knowing they had a HELOC and other debt, we looked at a debt consolidation refinance loan. They paid off everything and reduced their monthly outgo by $1400 per month! Looking at put at least $1,200 of the savings back towards the new mortgage, loan paid would be paid off in 16 years and save tens of thousands of dollars in mortgage interest. Not only did they lower their payments, but they also created a plan to pay off their home and be able to retire in comfort. I’m proud to say this client got to be their own hero!

8 months ago
Martin and Marie
Grass Valley CA

Widow needing to replace her longtime home – In the past, Reverse Mortgage loans have had a bad rap. The program hand an overhaul in 2016. Now the program just about guarantees equity remaining in the home after it is sold. This borrower needed to downsize her home after her husband passed. Equity she would receive from the sale of the home was not enough to pay cash for the home in the retirement community she wanted to live in. We compared many options and settled on a Reverse Mortgage. With the cash from her sale and the Reverse Mortgage, she is now in the home and community that makes her happy and she no longer has a monthly mortgage payment. She is truly enjoying her life in her later years. Reverse Mortgage loans are like any other home loan. The loan balance is paid off after passing, sale, or refinance, just like a traditional mortgage. The bank cannot, demand early repayment. And the heirs responsible for the loan in any way.

1 year ago
Roseville CA

Seniors who were told they didn’t have enough income to qualify – All it takes to get results, is asking good questions and listening. Borrowers who are seniors on fixed incomes of Social Security and Pension, have a sizeable IRA account that they had not yet taken distributions from, and were denied a loan from their bank, needed a solution. To qualify them we used a monthly distribution from a retirement account that they hadn’t drawn from yet as additional monthly income. With this information, they were able to qualify for the loan they needed and at a lower interest rate and they are very happy and relieved that a solution was found, and their home loan needs met. Thinking outside the box provides solutions!

9 months ago
AJ and B
Auburn CA

A couple to the area wanted to purchase a beautiful home to plan for retirement and get away from the Bay Area. With this crazy real estate market, they did not want to make a new offer contingent on the sale of their current residence. It was discovered that they had a large amount of equity in their home, we tailored a combination of loans to fit their need and to avoid having to refinance the new loan again just to reduce the amount they owned and lower the payment. They put only 10% down payment, took out a 2nd deed of trust HELOC loan for the amount they knew they would get from the sale of their current home and intended to put down on this new home, put in place a 1st deed of trust that they were comfortable with and wanted to keep after they sold. The good news is that there are no pre-payment penalties on home loans anymore and they got the home they made the offer on based on this creative way of financing. Now they can sell their current home after they move in, pay off the 2nd mortgage and still have a HELOC available if they ever need funds for home improvement projects and not have to take out another loan.

8 months ago
Janet and Eric