Cost of waiting in this market

Waiting for the perfect time to buy a home is like waiting for the perfect time to have children and from my personal experience, there is no perfect time. The time is right when you are ready, willing, and able.


Interestingly we just explored this for a 1st time buyers who have great jobs, savings and is tired of renting and paying for someone else’s home loan. They are ready to put down roots and own their own home.


Yes, interest rates are higher than they were 6 and 12 months ago but the benefit of todays market is less competition for a home, slower market which means sellers are more likely to help you purchase their home so they can move on.


Remembering when I purchased my first home, interest rates were over 10%.  7% today doesn’t look so bad and as we have experienced, interest rates change often which can help lower the monthly payment in the future.  But not owning a home, you give up the benefits of home appreciation, tax savings and the security of knowing it is your home, not someone else’s.


Purchasing in California or Nevada, Reno, Grass Valley and beyond, I can help look into the program and options that will work for you today to in the future.  Let me help get you on the path you would like.


I am here to help.


* Specific loan program availability and requirements may vary. Please get in touch with your mortgage advisor for more information.