A Christmas nightmare turned good.

A Christmas nightmare turned good.


I’ve been doing mortgages for over 32 years. And occasionally, there’s a loan that just turns into a nightmare… almost always at the end when emotions are running highest.


This home loan story happened in the last hours of the last day of 2021. With a combination of events that no one could have thought of:


  • The buyers started major construction to the home they were purchasing from a family member – in the middle of escrow. This caused a multi-week delay in the appraisal.


  • Overwhelmingly busy underwriting on the last day of the year. It took 48 hours to get anything done.


  • The husband was out of town and had to sign his loan documents in Southern California, causing a delay getting them back.


  • Federal Express then sending the loan documents to an incorrect address. Too far away to drive to get them signed on the last day of the year.


  • A rush special request at 12:30 PM for a Power of Attorney for the wife to be able to sign docs for both, since husband’s signed docs were wrongly delivered.


The wife finally signed at 3 PM. The loan was funded on the same day, and God bless our County Recorder’s Office… the sale went on record as wanted at 5 PM.


Talk about stress! But the bottom line is, no one lost their cool. We all worked together, and everyone successfully got what they wanted.


The sellers closed escrow in 2021 and buyers are in their beautiful new home for roughly $5,000. Ask me how!


Nothing is ever easy. But you’ve got to have the right people on your side who are looking out for you, and making sure that things get done as needed. My team and I take pride in being able to do that like no one else.





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